About Handmade Tea

I started Handmade Tea in 2011 after becoming bored with existing loose leaf tea blends. As someone that loves the culinary arts, I wanted to see more unique and natural flavors put into tea blends. Yet, I wanted a blend that was thought-out, a blend that contained flavorful ingredients that actually complimented the base tea, and had a reason for being a part of the blend. 

I also wanted to improve tea packaging and the experience of opening your tea package for the first time. I feel that quality tea is an art and it should be encased in equally beautiful artwork. That's why I work with artists to create a unique label for each celebration blend. Celebration teas are blends that mark a milestone or are particularly popular. The artists are given 100% artistic freedom, and artists will receive a write-up on the website. 

By bringing fresh, quality fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices to tea with purpose I hope to legitimize loose leaf tea blends. I hope to make tea a bigger part of your dining experience, as I believe we're only a few short years away from tea pairing becoming very common. I strive to create blends that will teach and delight your palate. 

And of course, if you have any questions contact me at caleb@handmadetea.com or visit the contact page

Caleb Brown - Founder, Handmade Tea LLC