The Interesting Flavors of Kombucha

I started drinking store bought kombucha about three years ago and always said I would try brewing some at home.  Kombucha is a fermented tea, made by adding a solid mass of yeast and bacteria into a batch of sweetened tea and allowing it to do it’s thing for a few weeks.  I genuinely enjoy kombucha and find it to be a very refreshing beverage.  That’s why when I realized I could tweak the flavor at home (or in this case, at the office) I quickly bought a homebrew kit from the awesome folks at Kombucha Brooklyn and started my first batch today. 

Kombucha does indeed come with a long list of health claims, which are all well and fine.  All the tea I drink, including kombucha, I drink because I enjoy it.  As I’ve said before, all health benefits, real or myth are all simply an added bonus.  My tea writing focuses on getting to know your beverage ingredients so you can craft the perfect drink.  I find flavoring kombucha a welcomed challenge to learn what ingredients can compliment the interesting acidic elixir.
As today was my first day starting the homebrew process I haven’t even begun the flavoring process yet (which is generally done when bottling the kombucha, not during the initial steps.)  I will however be making updates along the 14 - 28 day process.  I wrote about my expectations for homebrew iced tea recently, and I’ve been seeing kombucha doing the very same over the past few years.  I know a few locations in Brooklyn that have kombucha on draft along with their beers, which allows tea companies to do awesome small batch creations and test out new ingredients.
I know a lot of traditional tea folks look down on anything that isn’t straight up loose leaf (iced tea, kombucha, tisane blends, etc.) but I think it’s about appreciating how versatile tea can be and about doing anything you can to learn about the beauty of flavor profiles.  Please feel free to add your comments, it’s a topic I’m very interested in hearing what others have to say.  Also, if you have any kombucha experience please share tips or flavor ideas.

Me and my first kombucha batch - Day 1