Steepster Select

Hey all,

I’ve been a tea lover for just under a decade now and a product I’ve always been happy with has been Steepster (  I am also a web developer, so I know how difficult it is to build truthfully useful tea tools for the web.  The folks at Steepster have not only done that, but they’ve also built up a successful monthly tea service (and believe you me, I know how difficult that can be as well!)

So I was sad to see Steepster will be temporarily halting their monthly tea subscriptions.  They are going to be tweaking the model up a bit, most likely offering smaller amount of tea for a lower monthly fee.  At Handmade Tea we’ve found a few folks are also finding themselves with too much tea, so we’re working on a smaller monthly subscription model as well.

In the meantime, I wanted to offer a discount to former Steepster members that would like to try out Handmade Tea while Steepster takes some downtime.  To save 15% on your first month, use coupon code ‘steepster’ at checkout –

In the tea community I don’t feel that the small companies are ever really in competition with one-another.  Many folks have many different interests and palates, we each serve our own communities.  As always with Handmade Tea, you can cancel anytime.  Once Steepster Select is back up and running, feel free to cancel and switch back to those guys, we love ‘em!  Or feel free to join both services!

If you have any questions at all please contact me / @handmadetea /

Thanks so much!