Organizing a great teasesh

A few days ago I ordered an amazing Golden Bud Bing Cha puer cake from Chan Teas. I thought it would be a great idea to offer up a teasesh and allow the folks at work to drop by and have a cup or two.  I booked a conference room for the day the puer was to arrive and reminded everyone to stop by at 5PM for tea.

When 5PM came around plenty of folks showed up, so much so that I couldn’t brew up enough tea fast enough for everyone to have a cup. Ideally everyone would have their own gaiwan, but we had to many people.  It was an awesome time and I was very happy so many people showed up, interested and excited to try puer for their first time.  Even though it was a great experience, it certainly wasn’t the smoothest.  People were coming in and out, grabbing a cup and leaving immediately, at times the teasesh got a little loud and disturbed folks in the other meeting rooms.  This wasn’t my intention. I put the teasesh together and shared my tea because I wanted to bring everyone together for something different and share my love of tea with them.

As I’d love to start having tea with my friends and family more often, I’m trying to figure out a way to organize a teasesh for increased success.  I was talking about this to my good pal Shaun so he started working on a super simple web app for allowing folks to start a teasesh, specify a time and place, and put a cap on the amount of people that can join.  If more people sign up than the max limit, the app randomly invites the max amount from the total list of people that signed up.

I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone that has successfully hosted a great teasesh.  In my experience the best ones happen spontaneously, but I do feel sometimes they need to be organized.  I’m also always hesitant of digitizing anything tea-related, but I also think our little teasesh web app might be the best way to organize something like this.

Let me know in the comments or on twitter! @calebrown or @handmadetea and I’ll update with the progress of the teasesh webapp.