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I’ve been a tea lover for just under a decade now and a product I’ve always been happy with has been Steepster ( I am also a web developer, so I know how difficult it is to build truthfully useful tea tools for the web. The folks at Steepster have not only done that, but they’ve also built up a successful monthly tea service (and believe you me, I know how difficult...

Tea as a Blend Ingredient

Every month I create a new tea blend for Handmade Tea subscribers.  It’s a great way for folks to always have a new tea as well as learn new flavors every month.  Early on, I found that a 3 ingredient blend often works very well.  It’s simple enough to pick up on all the nuances yet complex enough to enjoy over and over, much like a good movie, you notice something new each time you watch it.


Handmade Tea 2011 Wrap-Up

As we finish out the last few days of 2011, I wanted to do a quick overview of the first 3 months of Handmade Tea and what’s in-store for 2012. I’d like to thank everyone that has supported Handmade Tea in any way. Subscriber or not, if you’re reading this that means a TON to me. Seeing a product that you create with your bare hands grow in popularity every month is one of the most rewarding...

Bodhi Brew Product Shots

Now that Handmade Tea’s first blend, Bodhi Brew, has shipped and is out in the wild I thought I’d share some product shots.

Photo Credit: Danielle - @voxpoptweets


Photo Credit: Phil -


Photo Credit: Danielle - @voxpoptweets


Photo Credit: Jon -


Photo Credit: Danielle - @voxpoptweets

There are plenty more blends to come! We do a new one every month at Handmade...

Tea on Tap

I wrote a while agothat I expected to see a rise in microbrew iced tea, I wanted to expand on that a bit because I really believe we’re going to start seeing more quality iced teas in our lives. We’re going to see this become mainstream before quality loose leaf tea because although Americans are taking well to culinary adventure (more of my friends are ‘foodies’ now than ever before) we’re still...

Organizing a great teasesh

A few days ago I ordered an amazing Golden Bud Bing Cha puer cake from Chan Teas. I thought it would be a great idea to offer up a teasesh and allow the folks at work to drop by and have a cup or two.  I booked a conference room for the day the puer was to arrive and reminded everyone to stop by at 5PM for tea.

When 5PM came around plenty of folks showed up, so much so that I couldn’t brew up...

I did a quick video about the stigma behind tea blends. Tea blends have gotten a bad reputation over...

I did a quick video about the stigma behind tea blends.  Tea blends have gotten a bad reputation over the last few years due to a lot of the big tea companies creating boring blends.

I’m doing my best to create some interesting blends under the Handmade Tea brand.  I’d love to chat more about this video so feel free to leave a comment, send me an email ( or chat with me on...

A Few Things I've Learned

I’m in the process of starting a loose leaf tea company called Handmade Tea. This is a business I’m working on in my night and weekends. Tea is such a huge love of mine that starting a business around it just felt natural. Although it felt natural to start a tea business, Handmade Tea is my first official business. That is to say it’s my first LLC with a credit card and taxes to pay and all of...

Using Tea for iPhone with Experimental Blends

Tea for iPhone is hands down the most useful tea lover’s companion I’ve ever seen. Before this app, the best tea timing solution was a generic timer on your phone. You would usually select ‘green’, 'oolong’, or 'black’, nothing else. When the time was up, the alarm would go off and that was it. Tea for iPhone allows you to keep an inventory of all your teas, set water, tea, temperature, and time...

The Interesting Flavors of Kombucha

I started drinking store bought kombucha about three years ago and always said I would try brewing some at home. Kombucha is a fermented tea, made by adding a solid mass of yeast and bacteria into a batch of sweetened tea and allowing it to do it’s thing for a few weeks. I genuinely enjoy kombucha and find it to be a very refreshing beverage. That’s why when I realized I could tweak the flavor at...

Tea as Part of the Dining Experience

My experimenting with interesting tea blends came once I started dabbling with cooking. It was my freshman year of college I got into loose leaf tea, and my senior year I subscribed to bon appétit and started cooking/baking anything and everything I could. I started adding the fresh herbs, fruits, and spices I was cooking with into my teas. This idea expanded into creating a tea based around the...

How I Taste Tea, Herbs, and Other Blend Ingredients

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently been exploring unorthodox yet purposeful tea blends.  These blends usually start with a tea base I very much enjoy along with rather non-traditional blend ingredients such as raisins, carrots, and parsley.  Sometimes I just throw in a pinch of this and that, much like I do when cooking.  However, if I think I’m on to something I may want to...