Every month Handmade Tea creates a brand new, unique loose leaf tea blend. Take a look at our past blends, along with their tasting notes and don't miss the next blend!

Cinnamon Apple Cranberry - Nov. '16

Cinnamon Apple Cranberry begins with a hearty black tea combo containing two teas, one from Sri Lanka and the other from India. This blend has some light spicy notes and ends with a well rounded sweetness. Next diced cinnamon apples are mixed with the black tea blend for a sweet and familiar apple pie flavor. Lastly, sliced cranberries get added into the blend, providing a fruity tartness. The berries do a great job bringing the flavors together.

Agua Fresca de Tamarindo - Oct. '16

Agua Fresca de Tamarindo begins with a black tea base originating from Sri Lanka. This lovely tea has fresh citrusy notes, reminiscent of grapefruit or mandarin. The tamarindo pieces brings a tangy and sweet component to the blend. These notes play very nicely with the citrusy base tea. Lastly cinnamon chips adds a warm spice flavor to the liquor and depth to the mouthfeel.

Washington Apple - Sept. '16

Washington Apple starts with a black tea from Africa. This base tea is malty and bright with a delicate astringency. You'll find notes of caramel and toasted bread. To create a beautiful September blend, cranberries are added into the blend to play off the astringent hints in the base tea and fill out the mid-palate notes. Lastly, diced apple pieces are blended in to sweeten up the tea and help form the overall autumn flavor portfolio as it pairs very well with the cranberries.

Goji Berry Mint - Aug. '16

Goji Berry Mint begins with a base blend tea of an oolong from Taiwan and a touch of a green tea from China. This base blend creates a sweet yet robust canvas. Next, goji berries are added to the blend. The goji adds a tart flavor, similar to a cranberry or sour cherry. To balance all of the flavors and bring everything together, we lastly add a blend of mints. This helps pull together all of the flavors and, as it's still summer, creates a blend perfect for iced tea in addition to being lovely served hot.

Pineapple Old Bay - Jul. '16

Pineapple Old Bay begins with a blend of two Chinese black teas. This is a medium base tea with bright notes. Hints of grapefruit can also be found. Large chunks of dried pineapple are blended into the base tea. This adds a juicy, tropical kick that pairs nicely with the grapefruity notes of the base tea blend. Lastly, a light dusting of Old Bay seasoning is added to the blend. This has a bit of a kick but is balanced enough to not be overwhelming. The spice kick helps balance the sweet pineapple.

Citrus Green - Jun. '16

Citrus Green starts with a long leaf style green tea that comes along with light hints of smokiness. Next an even blend of glazed lemon and orange peel gets added into the green tea base. This citrus blend adds a tang to the tea and due to the glaze, adds a light sweetness that compliments the smoky notes of the green tea. Because it's a green tea you'll find brighter notes on your palate along with a light vegetal flavor that pairs quite well with the glazed sweetness.

Summer Sweet Corn - May. '16

Summer Sweet Corn starts with a specially blended black tea base consisting of 3 Chinese black teas. This blend was created by Handmade Tea to create the perfect smooth, sweet, and lightly smokey base tea to compliment the corn. Speaking of which, the dried sweet corn adds a subtle sweetness as well as light and bright vegetal notes (both taste and aroma). Lastly, to make this a refreshing tea that works beautifully both hot or iced, mint is added to give it that smoothness.

Spiced Coffee - Apr. '16

Spiced Coffee begins with a smooth and silky Chinese black tea as the base. The base tea has sweet vanilla-like notes. Costa Rican coffee beans are blended into the base adding rich coffee flavor without being overwhelming. Lastly, cinnamon chips are blended in for a warm and spicy flavor. Together these flavors work quite well together. The vanilla notes from the base tea plays nicely with the cinnamon and the bold coffee notes balance things out a bit.

Peppermint Grey - Mar. '16

Peppermint Grey begins with a bright Darjeeling black base tea. Bergamot essential oil (what we think of when we think of Earl Grey) is then added to the Darjeeling tea leaves. This adds a super citrusy kick both to the flavor and aroma. Lastly, peppermint leaves are blended into the mix to soothe and cool the blend. The mint and citrus blend together beautifully as the bold notes from the bergamot tangos with the chilling peppermint.

Roses of Paradise - Feb. '16

Roses of Paradise is a flavorful floral black tea with a bit of a bite. The base tea begins with a Chinese Congou black tea. This tea has a deep flavor with plenty of bright notes. Dried rose petals are blended into this bright tea adding floral notes. The rose oils released also add complexity to the mouthfeel. Lastly, grains of paradise, a spice that's part of the ginger family, is added for a spicy kick (think black pepper) with citrus notes.

Bananas Foster - Jan. '16

Bananas Foster begins with a Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea from the Fujian province of China. It is a vegetal oolong with bright and sweet notes. Next we blend in honey coated banana slices. The banana slices add a fine fruitiness to the tea and the honey naturally sweetens the brew and blends nicely with the base oolong tea. Lastly butterscotch chips are blended in to keep the sweet theme flowing and to add spicy hints of cinnamon and caramel.

Cherry Bark Mint - Dec. '15

Cherry Bark Mint begins with a bold and velvety black tea base from China. Cinnamon chips are added for a traditional rich spice flavor. Next, dried wintergreen leaves are blended in for a smooth and cooling mint sensation. The mint and the cinnamon harmonize mid-palate and stays with you even after you finish the tea. Lastly wild cherry bark chips are blended into the mix for a sweet and slightly tart flavor that brings all of the ingredients together.

Cranberry and Squash - Nov. '15

Cranberry and Squash begins with a smooth and creamy black tea base from the Fujian province in Southeastern China. Next, dried cranberry pieces get added to the mix. This adds tart and sweet notes to the blend. The sweet notes of the berries nicely complement the base tea. Finally, fresh dried Butternut Squash gets blended in for an earthy rich flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the sweet notes from our cranberries.

Pumpkin Patch - Oct. '15

Pumpkin Patch begins with a custom black tea consisting of three Chinese teas. Two of them are black teas and for the third we add just a touch of a highly oxidized white tea for a sweetness that blends nicely with the cinnamon. Toasted pumpkin seeds are added to the blend for a rich, woody flavor. Whole allspice and cinnamon chips are added for classic fall flavors. The allspice mimics the taste and aroma of cloves and nutmeg which harmonizes beautifully with the bold cinnamon chips.

Honeysuckle & Grapefruit - Sept. '15

Honeysuckle & Grapefruit begins with a hearty black tea from Kenya. Dried grapefruit peel then gets blended with the tea for a tart and citrusy bite. Lastly, dried honeysuckle flowers are added to the mix infusing the blend with a sweet and floral nectar. The citrus fruit notes round out the base black tea while the sweet honeysuckle harmonizes with the bright grapefruit notes. A lovely tea served pure or with a touch of honey.

Cucumber Mint - Aug. '15

Cucumber Mint begins with a Chinese Shoumei white tea. This base white tea has sweet and almost nutty notes, very clearly a white tea but does indeed come along with many hints of lighter oolong teas. The cucumber adds a fresh and refreshing flavor that works incredibly well with the subtle yet sweet notes of the Shoumei white tea. Lastly the peppermint adds bright and cooling notes. This is a lovely hot tea but certainly sings beautifully as an iced beverage.

Papaya Sumac Smash - July. '15

Papaya Sumac Smash is a smooth yet bold black tea from Sri Lanka. It has very warm notes mid-end palate that play very nicely with the lemon-like notes from the sumac that makes it a very interesting hot or iced tea. Right at the front of the palate you meet the bold black tea followed up with the sweet yet subtle papaya. The papaya taste washes through the entire body, finishing right at the end when the sumac takes over. The sumac adds the citrus hints but none of the acidity at the end.

Herbes de Provence - Jun. '15

Herbes de Provence is a bright and fragrant tea blend consisting of a black base tea from Sri Lanka. The base tea is bright, golden, and a touch sweet. This base tea is then blended with Herbes de Provence, a combination of basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, lavender, and savory. These herbs are typical of the Provence region of southeast France (though lavender is not used in traditional southern French cooking). This is a tea that welcomes summer hot or iced and goes well with a kiss of honey and dash of milk.

Roasted Chocolate Pineapple Mate - May. '15

Roasted Chocolate Pineapple Mate is a blend of black tea from the famous St. James Estate in Sri Lanka and roasted Yerba Mate from Argentina. This combination creates a bold, earthy base tea liquor very inviting of complimentary blend ingredients such as our pineapple pieces and chocolate bits. Both of these accent ingredients add their own sweetness while the chocolate plays off of the woody notes from the roasted Yerba Mate. A delicious tea both hot or iced.

The Heart of a Monkey - Apr. '15

The Heart of a Monkey is a blend of black tea from the Anhui Province of China, a bold and full bodied tea with a smooth finish. African Rooibos is blended into the mix adding its burnt sugar, caramelly notes along with hints of wood. These woody notes wrap around the full bodied base tea beautifully. Lastly, lemongrass adds a sharp lemony flavor, lasting in the aftertaste long after the tea is gone. This is a great way to experience Rooibos notes while still enjoying some caffeine.

Pennsylvania Caravan - Mar. '15

Pennsylvania Caravan is an all-tea blend consisting of Keemun black tea, Lapsang souchong black tea, and Oolong tea from the Fujian province of China. This Keemun heavy blend brings malty, sweet notes with hints of unsweetened cocoa while the Lapsang souchong adds rich smoky notes and a complex mouthfeel. Lastly, the Fujian Oolong rounds out the blend with sweet and floral flavor, tying together the Keemun and Lapsang souchong.

Strawberry Sweet Corn - Feb. '15

Strawberry Sweet Corn begins with a Japanese green referred to as Bancha. This tea has a mild vegetal aroma and flavor common in many green teas such as Sencha. The Bancha is then introduced to dehydrated sweet corn which plays perfectly with the vegetal sweetness of the green tea. Lastly, strawberry bits are blended in to brighten up the blend and harmonize the blend ingredients.

CocoDate & Barley - Jan. '15

CocoDate & Barley begins with an Orange Pekoe black tea from Sri Lanka. Organic roasted barley is blended in, bringing with it hints of caramel, burnt sugar, raisin, and prune. Next, chopped dates are added to sweeten the blend and bring out the dark fruit notes from the barley. Lastly, shredded coconut gets added to the mix, playing off the sweet notes of the dates and adding a thicker more complex mouthfeel. Fun fact: Orange Pekoe simply refers to the cut of the tea leaf and has nothing to do with orange the fruit/flavor.

Krampus Brew Redux - Dec. '14

Krampus Brew starts with a base green tea referred to as 'gunpowder' as the leaves are rolled into little balls that resemble gunpowder. It's smooth with hints of smokiness - the flavor of this green tea often hits notes similar to a light oolong tea. The dried cherries sweeten the brew with a bright honey-like flavor as well as add a tart finish. Cloves and cinnamon rounds out the flavor with classic spice taste and adds boldness to the mouth feel

Crisp Apple Ginger - Nov. '14

Crisp Apple Ginger begins with a black Darjeeling tea with both sweet and smooth notes. This base tea, while being quite smooth, has a full body like a rich red wine. The base tea combines with diced Fuji apples adding sweet and crisp notes. Lastly the tea blend is warmed up by the introduction of naturally crystallized ginger pieces adding a kick of heat.

Mulling it Over - Oct. '14

Mulling It Over begins with a flowery yet peppery black tea base from the well known Loinorn tea estate in Sri Lanka. An intense aromatic combination of classic mulling spices (like the ones used in mulled wine and cider) are blended with the base tea. Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and dried orange peel all mix harmoniously with the black tea. This is the perfect tea blend to welcome autumn as it was designed to be a hot tea but a little honey and a few ice cubes turn it into a fantastic iced tea.

Summer Fruit - Sept. '14

Summer Fruit begins with a delicate, sweet, and mellow white tea consisting of leaves and buds. Because this is an already sweet yet mellow tea, it's blended with a perfect collection of summer fruits including jumbo peaches, jumbo pears, jumbo apples, apricots, pitted plums, and Angelino plums. This wonderful fruit medley plays off the sweetness of the tea while infusing the beverage with a huge spectrum of light and dark fruit flavor.

I Can't Believe It's Not Bergamot - Aug. '14

I Can't Believe It's Not Bergamot consists of a black tea from Sri Lanka, it is aromatic and a touch sweet. Three additional ingredients are then added, Orange Mint adds the iconic Bergamot citrus flavor that Earl Grey tea is known for. Next we add a bit of Lemon Balm to continue the citrus flavor introduced by the mint. Lastly Lavender flower is added into the overall blend for a floral taste that pairs incredibly well with the existing citrus notes.

SummerBerry - July. '14

SummerBerry is a tea blend that begins with a Chinese black tea base. Oolong tea is then blended in for subtle sweetness and berry-like notes. Lastly a mix of berries consisting of strawberries, sour cherries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bing cherries become part of the mix which adds tartness and plays off of the oolong.

Hempmaicha - June. '14

Hempmaicha is a Handmade Tea variation on the popular Genmaicha-style tea. Hempmaicha begins with a smooth Chinese green tea base. The blend then introduces roasted hemp seeds for a nutty, sweet flavor. Lastly for Genmaicha authenticity natural popcorn (no oil, no butter, and no salt) is added to the blend.

Maia Lemoniou - May. '14

Maia Lemoniou consists of two black teas and glazed lemon peel. The 50/50 blended tea base is made up of a sweet rolled Assam black tea with hints of fresh berries and a bright citrusy black tea from Sri Lanka that's lightly astringent. Glazed lemon peel is the final blend ingredient. The glazed aspect of the lemon peel makes the overall tea sweeter than when regular dried lemon peel is used.

Along The River - Apr. '14

Along The River starts with a pre-qingming Mao Feng green tea. Pre-qingming teas (tea picked before the Qingming festival) are prized for being more subtle and more delicate while still being quite sweet and very enjoyable. The cantaloupe pieces play off the sweetness of our base tea and plays well with our last ingredient, lemongrass. Lemongrass adds a tart, cirtus-like kick with peppery notes.

Oatmeal-Raisin - Mar. '14

Oatmeal-Raisin begins with a fragrant black base tea from the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka. Mini raisins are added to give the blend a 'darker' sweetness (think molasses) in the same way a fig or date would. Lastly organic oatstraw is blended in for a soft and mellow earthy flavor that ties the tea and raisins together. Oatmeal-Raisin makes for a perfect breakfast tea.

Blossom - Feb. '14

Blossom begins with a smooth and creamy black tea with a very full body for the base. This style of tea is rolled thin and long, often referred to as "needle tea". Red rose buds and petals are added to the blend for a very aromatic and sweet perfume undertone. Lastly chamomile flowers are blended in, adding an herbal flavor that actually extends the length of the flavor of the beverage on the palate.

Pomegranate Orangelong - Jan. '14

Pomegranate Orangelong begins with a sweet Ti Kuan Yin oolong from China. This tea has natural flavor hints of vanilla, honey and sweet dark berries. It has a defined, velvety mouthfeel. The dried pomegranate arils rehydrate in the brewing process and release a sweet nectar. Lastly, finely cut orange peel is added to harmonize? with the base tea and the pomegranate bringing the entire blend together.

Winter Cheers - Dec. '13

Winter Cheers begins with a base of green rooibos, harvested from a South African plant. While regular (red) rooibos is bruised and then oxidized, green rooibos leaves are treated to prevent oxidation. Beautiful white mulberries are added to harmonize with the natural sweetness of the rooibos and add some tartness. Lastly the peppermint ties the blend together and adds a cooling finish to the beverage.

Perry Tart - Nov. '13

Perry Tart starts with a sweet and fragrant black tea from the Yunnan Province with golden tips. Sweet dried pear pieces are added for a sweet fresh fruit flavor. Lastly dried cranberry pieces are blended in adding a crisp and tart flavor to the finish of the beverage.

Winterfylleth Brew - Oct. '13

Winterfylleth Brew starts with a black tea from Sri Lanka. This base black tea is quite fragrant and has a bold body. Cinnamon bark chips are blended in, adding a sweet pungent taste and aroma. Lastly, diced Fuji apple pieces are added for a sweet and refreshing flavor. This blend harmonizes very well due to the similarity of the sweet notes of each ingredient.

Seed Harvest - Sept. '13

Seed Harvest stars with a blend of two black teas from China giving the tea a sweet and smoky flavor. A three seed medley (cumin, funnel, and anise) is added to the blend for an aromatic and savory tea. Great iced for those warm late summer days and hot for chilly fall nights.

Blueberry Limón - Aug. '13

Blueberry Limón starts with a black tea from the Anhui Province of China. In it are hints of dark fruit (think plum) and light notes of pine. Dried blueberries are added to accent the plum notes of the black tea and naturally sweeten the overall beverage. Lastly, dried lemon ties the blend together with a citrus kick at the very end. Pro tip: adding fresh lemon will bring out these notes - great iced!

Kiwifruit Cocoanut - July. '13

Kiwifruit Cocoanut starts with a bold nutty Sri Lankan black tea base. Dried kiwi slices are added for a tart flavor and sweetness. Lastly shredded coconut and larger coconut bits are blended in adding light tropical notes and weight to the mouthfeel from the released oils.

Wolf Peach Island Tea - June. '13

Wolf Peach Island Tea starts with a bold black tea base from the Yunnan province of China. Tomato pieces are added for an earthy subtle sweetness. Lastly sage is blended in for an aromatic treat that makes the blend a touch woodsy. The tomato and sage play together perfectly creating a very palatable overall combination. This is a savory tea that tastes great hot or iced.

Iced Lemon Mint - May. '13

Iced Lemon Mint begins with a mellow and slightly sweet Panyang Congou black tea from China's Fujian province. Next lemon peel is added to the blend for a zesty citrus burst. Lastly, a delightful medley of Peppermint, Spearmint, and Wintergreen is added for a refreshing cooling sensation. Each mint has its own unique characteristics giving complexity to the overall blend.

Happiness is Hoppiness - Apr. '13

Happiness is Hoppiness consists of a pan-fried green tea which is subtle, sweet, and fresh. Next we added apricots for a fruity, sweet flavor. Lastly this blend contains common hops for a bright, grassy, and bitter punch to the palate. The hops and green tea work together to build that super fresh and bright flavor with the apricots sweeten the blend up and help round out the flavor.

Orange Peppercorn Breakfast - Mar. '13

Orange Peppercorn Breakfast starts with a base of Assam and Ceylon black tea. Next the blend contains a peppercorn blend (black, white, green, and red) to spice things up a touch. Lastly burnt orange peel is added to the blend. The caramelization adds a deep sweetness.

Sweet Potato Pie - Feb. '13

Sweet Potato Pie consists of a Taiwanese oolong base with a raisiny sweetness and leafy aroma and taste. The blend is backed up with sweet potato pieces. The starchiness of this tuberous root adds thickness to the mouthfeel of the liquor. Lastly the blend is topped off with dried marshmallow bits which rounds out the blend by tying into the base tea. On first glance this blend may seem a bit odd but the balance and harmony is nicely done and an absolute palate treat.

Kava Pawpaw - Jan. '13

Kava Pawpaw is a unique herbal blend featuring sweet African Honeybush (a sibling of Rooibos) as the base. Pure kava-kava root is added for subtle sassafras-like flavor. Lastly dried Papaya is added for a sweet and tropical finish tying in the sweetness of the Honeybush base. This blend is caffeine-free, great sweetened with a kiss of honey or totally untouched, and lovely iced (although not exactly the right season for it!)

Krampus Brew - Dec. '12

Krampus Brew starts with a base green tea referred to as 'gunpowder' as the leaves are rolled into little balls that resemble gunpowder. It's smooth with hints of smokiness - the flavor of this green tea often hits notes similar to a light oolong tea. The dried cherries sweeten the brew with a bright honey-like flavor as well as add a tart finish. Cloves and cinnamon rounds out the flavor with classic spice taste and adds boldness to the mouth feel.

November Bouquet - Nov. '12

November Bouquet is an interesting and delightful blend that begins with a base of black tea from Fujian, China. It packs a ton of fruity and chocolatey notes with a hint of damp leaves. A combo of rose petals and jasmine flowers are added to give a beautiful floral sweetness and add an incredibly fresh flavor to the blend. Lemon Balm adds traditional lemony citrus flavor with grass-like notes. It is smooth and subtle enough to fully round-out the blend.

Harvest Brew - Oct. '12

Harvest Brew begins with a nutty and malty base tea from Central Eastern Africa. Cinnamon chips add a tangy, sweet warmth to the blend. Finally, the combo of allspice and ginger root adds a peppery nutmeg-esque flavor from the allspice while the ginger adds more tangy warmth and much complexity.

Lamington Brew - Sept. '12

Lamington Brew consists of a base tea combo of about 80/20 black and oolong tea. The black tea offers a tart squeeze to the back of the palate while the oolong adds honey-like notes. The lemon peel and cacao nibs play backup with a mini lemonade mouth-party featuring rich chocolate notes. Lastly the coconut adds a tropical kick while also adding to the overall tea mouthfeel. Amazing both hot and iced.

Mighty Aphrodite - Aug. '12

Mighty Aphrodite starts with a base tea of lapsang souchong, a lovely black tea that has been dried over a pinewood fire. The pinewood gives the black tea a clean, menthol-like smoky flavor. This blend is lightly accented with rosemary. Rosemary has a subtle pine flavor, which mixes perfectly with our base tea. Finally, the blend is tied together with rose hips, adding a hibiscus-like sweet and tangy flavor along with hints of vanilla.

Yerbaberry Mint - Jul. '12

Yerbaberry Mint starts with a base of roasted yerba mate from Brazil. The roasting process brings out a chocolatey sweetness along with a tobacco-like aftertaste. The elderberries play an important backup role by adding subtle but sweet blueberry/raisin-like notes. The organic chocolate mint ties the blend together, adding the classic cooling sensation along with the sweet chocolate hints that fold into yerba mate, bringing the blend full circle. This makes an excellent iced tea!

Smoked Lemon Thyme - Jun. '12

This brew starts with a base of green tea from the Zhejiang province of China which is a delightfully mellow tea with hints of mint. The thyme follows up with a clove-like spice and a mint flavor that folds beautifully into the base tea. The thyme also finishes with a mouth-cleansing feeling. Finally, the lemon peel wraps the blend with a classic citrus taste. As the blend brews, the lemon oils will extract which enhance the flavors of the other blend ingredients.

Chase-Mallow - May. '12

This brew starts with a base of black tea from Sri Lanka (in the tea world Sri Lanka is still often referred to as Ceylon) which has a bright tangy citrusy taste (think grapefruit) and finishes with a mellow astringency. The hibiscus follows up and folds perfectly into the tang of the base tea that hits strong on first sip and eases up as the tea passes to the back of your palate. The St. John's Wort hits mid-palate and finishes out with a lemon pepper-esque spicy herbal flavor reminiscent of dried citrus rind, cracked pepper, and hay.

Garden Rooibosch - Apr. '12

This brew starts with a base of green rooibos. Traditional (red) rooibos is oxidized, whereas the green is not. The process is similar to that of making green tea. The green rooibos has a delicate sweetness with a nutty taste and buttery mouthfeel. The Elderflower brings bright waves of honeysuckle and tangy citrus across the palate. Lastly, the orange peel ties the entire beverage together with a citrus kiss that hits the tongue on the first sip. Great hot or iced!

Balche - Mar. '12

The MVP of Balche is an earthy and smoky black tea from the Yunnan Province of China that finishes naturally with a touch of cocoa. It is then followed up with diced Guajillo chile peppers adding a sweet fruitiness and just a kiss of heat as they are only rated 2,500 to 5,000 on the Scoville scale. Finally, in traditional Mayan fashion we added a combination of Saigon Cinnamon and organic Cacao Nibs, not only to keep up with Mayan theme, but to compliment the base tea as well.

Murmur - Feb. '12

Murmur starts with a white peony base which features the signature unopened tea bud and two accompanying leaves. This tea has beautiful delicate notes of juicy honeydew drizzled in honey, with accents of darker fruit and chocolate. Next, the strawberries are added to accent the white peony's fruity notes and add a little tartness to the back of the palate. Lastly the cacao nibs contribute to the rich, classic chocolate taste that pops mid palate.

Gavati - Jan. '12

Gavati starts with a base of jade oolong from the Fujian Province of China. It is a lightly oxidized tea with beautiful floral and honey notes. A peppery black tea from the Yunnan Province of China compliments the base by adding an earthy flavor while remaining crisp. Finally, the lemongrass is added to tie the blend together, adding citrus-like notes and more hints of pepper.

Hark! - Dec. '11

Hark! starts with a Yerba Mate base which has been hand-smoked with whisky barrel oak for over 4 hours. This brings a woody, nutty and delicate smoke flavor. The blend is then complimented with a loose peppermint to add cooling honey-like notes. Lastly, the Saigon cinnamon from Vietnam brings a clove and subtle citrus-like wave across the entire palate.

Pomander - Nov. '11

Pomander is an aromatic blend that starts with a rolled (notice the tea looks like tiny balls which will expand) Chinese black tea for the base which is delicate with a subtle smoky flavor. This full-bodied tea is complimented with whole cloves that bring sweetness and hints of black pepper. Star Anise completes the blend with it's warm fennel-like taste and leaves the palate feeling fresh.

Bodhi Brew - Oct. '11

October's tea blend starts with a chinese green tea which brings a sweet vegetal taste to the table. It is then complimented by black mission figs which introduce a subtle, molasses-like sweetness. The blend is then topped off with coconut chips giving the overall blend a fresh coconut finish while adding a more complex mouthfeel.