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Cinnamon Apple Cranberry

Cinnamon Apple Cranberry begins with a hearty black tea combo containing two teas, one from Sri Lanka and the other from India. This blend has some light spicy notes and ends with a well rounded sweetness. Next diced cinnamon apples are mixed with the black tea blend for a sweet and familiar apple pie flavor. Lastly, sliced cranberries get added into the blend, providing a fruity tartness. The berries do a great job bringing the flavors together. Originally blended for the month of Nov. '16.

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Agua Fresca de Tamarindo

Agua Fresca de Tamarindo begins with a black tea base originating from Sri Lanka. This lovely tea has fresh citrusy notes, reminiscent of grapefruit or mandarin. The tamarindo pieces brings a tangy and sweet component to the blend. These notes play very nicely with the citrusy base tea. Lastly cinnamon chips adds a warm spice flavor to the liquor and depth to the mouthfeel. Originally blended for the month of Oct. '16.

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Goji Berry Mint

Goji Berry Mint begins with a base blend tea of an oolong from Taiwan and a touch of a green tea from China. This base blend creates a sweet yet robust canvas. Next, goji berries are added to the blend. The goji adds a tart flavor, similar to a cranberry or sour cherry. To balance all of the flavors and bring everything together, we lastly add a blend of mints. This helps pull together all of the flavors and, as it's still summer, creates a blend perfect for iced tea in addition to being lovely served hot. Originally blended for the month of Aug. '16.

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Strawberry Sweet Corn

Strawberry Sweet Corn begins with a Japanese green referred to as Bancha. This tea has a mild vegetal aroma and flavor common in many green teas such as Sencha. The Bancha is then introduced to dehydrated sweet corn which plays perfectly with the vegetal sweetness of the green tea. Lastly, strawberry bits are blended in to brighten up the blend and harmonize the blend ingredients. Originally blended for the month of Feb. '15.